Private Tuition

Together with Arij Asad, I run A&E Maths Tuition, offering private tuition at a variety of levels from GCSE or A Level support up to Oxbridge interview support and preparation for entrance exams (MAT, STEP, TMUA). We also offer sessions to give students who want a challenge outside the school curriculum an opportunity to develop their problem solving skills. You can find a list of the sessions on offer, together with prices, here and testimonials from previous students here. Enquiries and booking requests should be sent by email to

One of the things we emphasise in our teaching for admissions tests, problem solving and interviews is giving students material to work on independently prior to and after sessions to deepen understanding.  Students are strongly encouraged not to look at the hints until they have been stuck for at least half an hour.

The session itself would use the student's work on these problems as a starting point, and we would explore both these problems and others in the session.

Eve Vidalis

Tutor for: A Level, Foundation year, Degree Level (Pure).

Online tuition: Currently fully booked.

My teaching focuses on building confidence, especially when applying mathematical problem solving in unfamiliar contexts. My methods centre on listening to what a student is struggling with and providing exercises that break down the problem and allow a student to discover a concept intuitively, and then consolidating and extending that understanding through further tailored problems. Consequently, my tuition sessions often consist of several extended two-way conversations whilst a student gets to grips with a concept.

In terms of qualification and experience:

I currently have no availability for weekly sessions.  To join my waiting list, please email

Mondays: Fully booked

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Further details and prices can be found here.

Arij Asad

Tutor for: STEP, MAT, TMUA, Oxbridge interviews, Problem solving, A Level (Maths and Physics), Degree Level (Applied).

Online tuition: Currently fully booked.

I greatly enjoy teaching and have been a tutor for students applying to Oxbridge for the last 4 years. I find the most helpful way to lead a student to become a stronger problem solver is by exposing them to as many types of problems as possible and guiding them through with well-thought-out hints and discussions as to what it is that makes the problem a challenge. This approach I find teaches students to develop the out-of-the-box thinking style required to become unstuck when solving difficult maths problems whilst simultaneously helping them build a problem-solving toolkit in their minds. My teaching style closely emulates that of Eve’s as I benefitted from it myself as a student, and we both believe this is the approach that can help students become strong problem solvers who can perform to their best in university admissions tests.

In terms of qualification and experience:

Further details and prices can be found here.