Below is all of the feedback we have received from previous tutees.

"I really struggled with other tutors but [Eve's] patient teaching style and full knowledge of the syllabus meant I understood the content fully and was able to apply what I learned with you in my lessons and exams." - A Level student

"Eve is brilliant. I have never felt more welcome in a classroom environment." - Problem solving student

"The questions [are] difficult but [Arij] helped [me] work through so I could maintain a level of independent learning" - STEP student

"I came to Eve two days before my first A Level exam having received a U in a set of A Level past papers the day before. I had never understood the content of the course properly over the year. I hoped the problem would go away, and with the exams only days away I was very stressed. Eve gave me an intensive course calmly investigating all of the points I was confused about until I had a firm grasp of most of the content. I sat my exams in between the intensive sessions and got a B, meeting my offer to study History at my first choice university." - A Level student

"She is patient, compassionate and relatable, and trains you to become a well-rounded problem-solver. I recommend eve to any maths student, I wouldn’t be where I am mathematically without her" - Degree level student

"Eve helped a lot with improving my mindset in how to begin different styles of STEP questions." - Problem solving / STEP student

"Eve was an excellent teacher" - Problem solving student

"Teaching was very good. Some questions were quite difficult but Arij was very good at explaining things!" - STEP student