***Applications are now open for the She Talks Science STEP Summer School 2024. Full information (eligibility, travel support, etc.) is here, and you can apply here.***

I am currently an Associate Lecturer at Birkbeck, University of London, alongside my studies as a PhD student in interactions between algebraic geometry, combinatorics, and representation theory at the University of Sheffield. 

I did my undergraduate and master's degree in mathematics at the University of Cambridge. I have taught mathematics in some capacity or other since I was 16, and I now teach at university level at Birkbeck, Sheffield and Cambridge and do various jobs associated with the admissions process at Cambridge. I am particularly interested in teaching problem solving to sixth form students, especially those who haven't had an opportunity to work collaboratively on difficult maths before. As part of this, I direct the She Talks Science STEP Summer School at Murray Edwards College, Cambridge. Applications will remain open until 4pm on May 8th.

My CV is here.

I also create content which is freely available and designed to help self-taught students develop their problem solving abilities, and to prepare for the STEP exam.

Past videos

During the coronavirus pandemic I gave a couple of webinars for the UKMT giving some ways to think about symmetries and how to apply them to problem solving.

The two videos in this series look at symmetries and some ways to apply them to problem solving. Please note in the first video, some of the visual explanation is lost because my video feed is missing.

When I was a Part III student I worked on some videos for the STEP Support Programme, run by the Millenium Maths Project.

Upcoming videos

Over Summer 2024 I will be producing a series of videos on the following topics. The content is informed by things I find my students consistently struggle with, either from the STEP specification or whilst studying the first year of undergraduate maths at Cambridge. Of course, students don't need to be on the relevant programmes to enjoy the maths in the videos.