Oxbridge Interview Prep

Below is some general advice on preparing for interview. The AMSP are running free online mock interviews which state-educated students applying to Oxford or Cambridge can apply for here.

Preparing for interview is quite different to preparing for other types of admissions test, as students need to work on their verbal communication skills in the context of mathematical problem solving. Often, students' experience of explaining a solution is confined to explaining something they already understand on the A Level syllabus to their peers, but at interview the problems will be challenging and students may not be able to solve them straight away. Keeping a clear head, and combining clear, concise verbal communication with a strong problem solving foundation is the key to success at interview.

There is often confusion amongst students about what Oxbridge interviews consist of. In simple terms, the interviewers will give you problems to solve one at a time, and watch how you go about solving them. You will be expected to explain your reasoning verbally, and in the (expected) situation where you cannot immediately solve the problem, talk through your ideas for making the problem more tractable as you attempt them. 

Please note:

The following are all key components to interview preparation:

In the interview itself, keep the following in mind.