Price List

Please find below details of the tuition on offer, together with prices. If you have any questions, or if you wish to book a session, please email Eve at A consultation call / video chat with the relevant tutor is available for you to ask any questions (there is no associated charge).

A Level / Foundation Year

We offer online tuition in all maths and physics qualifications at A Level, including Further Maths and Core Maths. This extends to students studying a Foundation year course in mathematics close to the A Level syllabus. Please note that only Arij offers Physics tuition.

For students who want support to achieve their target A Level grade, we recommend either one or two of the following sessions per week. Students on Foundation courses may wish for more frequent sessions depending on the level of their prior knowledge and the scope of the course. Students who want to be challenged beyond the school syllabus, and who are keen to develop their problem solving skills beyond the scope of the qualification they are studying, are directed to the "Problem Solving" tuition at the bottom of the page

Single A Level online session with Eve - £80 for a one hour session.

Single A Level online session with Arij - £55 for a one hour session.

Block of four online A Level sessions with Eve - £290 (saves £30).

Block of four online A Level sessions with Arij - £200 (saves £20).

Oxbridge Maths Interview Preparation

Sessions consist of a mock interview lasting 30 minutes, followed by 30 minutes of feedback and discussion, and then if the student wishes, a supply of tailored exercises to go away and work on. If booking multiple sessions, it is advisable to leave at least a week between sessions so that there is time for the student to independently consolidate the skills covered with the help of the exercises.

Please note these sessions aim to improve a student's mathematical problem solving skills whilst simultaneously getting them used to the interview format and verbally explaining solutions. We do not ask questions that could possibly appear in the actual interview - all our questions are written from scratch to avoid this. However, we do ensure to cover a wide variety of topics and skills, and the difficulty level is the same as one would expect in an Oxbridge interview.

Cambridge / Oxford maths mock interview with Arij - £110, option of tailored problem sheet to work on after session +£20.

Cambridge computer science / engineering / natural sciences* mock interview with Arij - £80.

Mock interview for other universities - variable, please email to enquire.

A block of four interviews may be booked in advance at a 10% discount.

*Please note that these mock interviews are technical maths interviews. Testing technical maths skills is often a component of interviews in these subjects, but this is not the only skill that may be tested at interview. 

STEP / MAT / TMUA Tuition

Arij offers online tuition for the STEP, MAT, and TMUA exam, principally used by Cambridge, but also considered by Imperial, Warwick and other universities.

Online 1 hour session - £120.

Online 90 minute session - £175.

Online 2 hour session - £230.

In person sessions may be available - please email to enquire.

A block of four sessions may be booked in advance for a 10% discount. A first one hour session may be booked at the discount price of £90.

Problem Solving Tuition

Arij offers problem solving tuition to students who want to be challenged beyond the school syllabus. Each session focuses on an individual problem solving technique, and students are supplied with two pamphlets of problems: one to try before the session to put them in the best position to learn from the session, and another to consolidate and further extend what they have learned afterwards. Because we supply a lot of problems for the student to work on independently between sessions, we recommend having a session every 2-6 weeks, depending on how much time the student is willing to commit to studying the material in between sessions.

Online 90 minute session with Arij - £150.

Please note the price of these sessions includes production of two problem sets catered to the student - one to be looked at before the session, and another to look at afterwards.

A block of four sessions may be booked in advance for a 10% discount.

Cancellation Policy

We will always do our best to reschedule any tuition if circumstances arise that make it difficult for a student to attend at the pre-arranged time. If less than 24 hours notice is given, a charge of £30 will be applied. We may waive this charge if there is a good reason for late notification of a cancellation.

Payment is due 24 hours before a session, or in the case of a block booking, 24 hours before the first session in the block.