Interview Preparation

We have given some advice on how to prepare for a maths interview on this page

We also offer one-on-one interview preparation as a form of private tuition. 

In these sessions, which last an hour, we spend the first thirty minutes in a mock interview to get you used to the environment, and then we spend another thirty minutes giving feedback and working on any weaknesses that came up in the mock interview. Depending on which college you are interviewing at, the interview may or may not be based on a pre-interview test. If you notify us of what the format will be in your real interview, we will make the format of your mock interview the same. Our interview preparation sessions can help with all of the following:

For the best possible experience, we recommend students book a block of mock interview sessions, and we will give you a set of tailored problems and verbal explanation exercises to work on in between sessions. We want to see an improvement in your performance session by session, and the work you put in between sessions is an important part of that, so we advise leaving at least a week between each mock interview session. We also recommend that at least the last one or two sessions take place online to get as close to the conditions of the actual interview as possible.

Eve offers the interview preparation sessions to students applying for Oxford only, because she is one of the admissions interviewers at a variety of Cambridge colleges and offering tuition for the Cambridge interview process would constitute a conflict of interest. Arij offers interview preparation sessions to students applying to Cambridge.

You can find information about our qualification and experience here, and the price of sessions (including discounts for block bookings) here.